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You are here, it means you are searching for the best funnel and page builder tool.

Welcome to Convertri 2019 Review, In this review post I will discuss convertri features, pricing, what’s new in convertri 2019, pros and cons and many other things.

Attractive, responsive and fast-loading pages are key to convert your prospect into a buyer, there are many online tools which can create beautifully designed landing pages and funnels. 

But the issue is with the load time of pages, higher load time will spoil the experience of users, and here convertri outplay all its rivals.

And now convertri 2019 comes with accelerated video page technology to get page speeds on heavy-video pages that were impossible before.

This is what I will cover in Convertri 2019 Review:


CONVERTRI is designed by Andy Fletcher of Architech Labs, which works on Cloud, SaaS and Web platform it is world fastest funnel creator his tool is re-launching on 11 AM EST, Tuesday 22nd October, with the Front-End price of $297/year, you will get huge bonuses from the creator as well as from our side if you purchase this tool from our link.

Also, it comes with 14 days of trial and 24*7 effective response.

ProductCONVERTRI 2019
CreatorAndy Fletcher of Architech Labs
Launch DateTuesday 22nd October
Launch Time11:00 AM EDT
Front-End Price$297/year
SkillSEO (Basic)
Traill14 days of a free trial
NicheOnline Marketing
Support24*7  Effective Response
My Rating9.4/10




Convertri is the software for the marketing and creation of funnel pages and sales funnels in general. Convertri is a marketing funnel creator. It is known as the fastest funnel developer in the world since Convertri’s pages load super fast as any other online platform.

Convertri is the best funnel-builder on the planet. 

It’s the only funnel-builder to allow:

Truly free-form editing,

letting your subscribers design the exact page they want without being limited by a grid. 

It uses a custom-built CDN for page hosting with edge delivery, an insane TTFB and incredible stability 

It doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive, your pages will stay live.


But most importantly, Convertri builds the fastest pages you’ve ever seen.  It optimises the crap out of everything on your page giving even huge pages a real-world load time of fewer than 3 seconds… which means better conversions and cheaper ads.


Convertri is again launching on 22-Oct-2019 with an additional video boosts feature


Everyone knows video boosts conversions. Everyone knows page speed boosts conversions.

But video is the biggest page-speed killer there is. Even the YouTube player, owned by literally the same company that developed Page Speed Insights, costs you up to 40 points just from having it on the page.

Right now, you’re forced to choose between video or page speed. And that sucks.

Convertri 2019 Delivers The Most Powerful Video Page System You’ve Ever Seen


Blazing Fast Pages

With new accelerated video page technology to video, you can get page speeds on heavy-video pages that were impossible before. Everyone else will need to choose between fast pages and killer video… you get both.

Desktop And MOBILE Autoplay

When the browsers killed video autoplay, they also killed conversions for marketers everywhere. Now you can get them back – Convertri’s Presto player can autoplay on both desktop AND mobile.

Dynamically Change Page Content Based On Viewer Behaviour

Want to drop a buy button when your viewer has watched 20 minutes of your video, not just when they’ve spent 20 minutes on your page? Want to change your page content as your viewer watches your video to emphasise key points in your script?


Beautiful Video Page And Funnel Templates

Incredible videos need incredible pages to go with them, and we’ve put together a full set of brand new page and funnel templates to make sure your customers’ videos always look weapons-grade.

Generate Higher-Converting Retargeting Audiences

Set your retargeting pixel to only fire after your viewer has watched over a certain amount of your video, so you know you’re filtering out the most engaged prospects.

And Of Course, Everything Else That Convertri Does.

convertri 2019 review features


  (video credit

The funnel builder from Convertri lets you schedule everything from opt-in to check-out

And in comparison to other funnel builders, convertri works is fast.

You can click and drag the arrows to connect your pages instead of being limited to linear flows.

And sharing your funnel with your colleagues in just a few clicks when you’re done.


A Permanent Plan

Avoid yourself from old pictures of the diagram. You can schedule your funnel with Convertri, come back in just two weeks to see how it goes together instantly.

Easy Share And Import

Funnel sharing codes allows you to create whole funnels and send them to your business partners easily-or import full funnels for use in your organization.

Completely Free-Form Editor

With full flexibility plan your funnel. With the ease of drag-and-drop, add transfer and rearrange your pages.

Identify Weak Spots

Each page in your funnel displays conversion statistics so that you can see which pages do well and what need more testing.


 (video credit

The page editor of Convertri gives you unparalleled can create any page you want.

No columns, no lines. No sections at all. Only take the element you want and put it wherever you want


Pop-Ups, Sticky Headers, 2-Step Opt-Ins

 (video credit

The groundbreaking ‘ layers ‘ model of Convertri gives you full freedom, where other systems give you roadblocks

Would you like elements to appear only when your audience reaches a certain point? Done

You will usually need a developer. You need to press a button with Convertri

Unlimited Layers On Any Page

Build as many (or as few) layers as you want, allowing you to create incredibly impressive effects on your page.

Timed Elements And Invisible Layers

Set elements and layers to reveal, hide and watch for exactly where you need them after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

100% Flexible Editor

Create any design that you like using the same drag and drop technology.

Wide Variety Of Triggers

Fire your layer if an item is clicked or the viewer reaches a certain section of your page.


You automatically optimize your pop-ups and you can easily create a new version for your mobile site, especially if you want to build it.

Countdown Timers

Background Video

Huge Font Selection

Easy Video Embed

Facebook Comments

Easy Snap Lines

Dynamic Text Replacement

Precise Positioning

Element Outlines


Adjustable Image Compression

Element Cloning

Custom Scripts

Custom CSS

Form Validation

Custom HTML

Exit Intent



 (video credit

More than 50% of web traffic is mobile.

This means “mobile responsive” no longer sufficient. You have to be mobile SPECIFIC.

And that’s just what the mobile website editor of Convertri helps you to build.


Automatic Mobile Conversion

Each element does not have to be laid out again for mobile. Convertri generates a mobile version of your website automatically, which helps you to make any changes you want before you publish

Individual Element Select

Would you like to show some elements but not others on your mobile page? Turn off and on any element.

Mobile Text Scaling

Intelligent Adaption And Delivery

The best experience is needed for your customers. Convertri identifies the device the user uses and displays the best version for it automatically.


API Compatibility With One-Click

convertri 2019 review integration

Integrated API with all of your favourite services means that you can connect your autoresponder and webinar account within seconds.

Easy HTML Integration

Do you want something not on the list to be integrated? There’s no question Convertri also comes with HTML form integration that can be used with 99% auto-responding.



 (video credit

Shopping cart is one of the section where you can’t manage integration, Convertri’s cart is built-in, so it all works.


One-Click Upsell

Nothing above a one-click upsell converts. And to make one, simply click on the box


What’s the best type of sales? Recurring. And the cart of Convertri allows you to set up regular transactions over any time to keep the money running.

Trial Payments

Through offering a trial get even more users on board. Any number, any period-free or paid

Unlimited Products

If you want to sell a core product or several hundred, you can set up everything in Convertri and easily connect it to payment forms.

Custom Checkout Pages

Build-in Convertri’s editor creates your checkout page to match your brand perfectly and minimize cart abandonment.

Easy Lead Export

All your leads are automatically recorded in Convertri, and with a single click, you can export them as a CSV file.

Detailed Reports

See who bought your services, when they purchased them, and how much money you received over time.



 (video credit

Simple, Powerful, One-Click Publishing, One click on the Convertri network will put your page live.


Stress Tested With Live Traffic.

The custom CDN of Convertri not only covers pages like yesterday, but it is also rock-solid under pressure, It helps millions of dollars in revenue and without blinking can handle 100,000 hits a minute.

In other words, your funnel, your launch and your business have NEVER had such a firm foundation.

Free Hosting

Cancel your account hosting. For all of your most valuable pages, you will get a free domain with your account.


Each Convertri account is provided free of charge with SSL. No complex setup or approvals – it’s all part of the service.

Custom Domains

Got a domain you want to use?  No problem.  Set it up on Convertri and you can publish there just as easily.

WordPress Plugin

You can install one easily and add any Convertri page to your WordPress blog.

Lightning Delivery

Our pull request time is less than 150ms – so your page is live before you click the publish button.


You just have to pick ‘ no-index ‘ in the Metadata panel before publication when you do not want to index your page on Google.

Ring-Fenced Pages

We can’t touch your pages when they’re published, Therefore, whether it is attacked by Anonymous or abducted by aliens, the pages will always remain live and profitable

Speedy Editing

Make fast adjustments to your page and instantly have your corrections live. It does not take an hour to run everything through the process. Click “publish,” and there it is.

Stop Leaking Link-Juice

Simply switch from do-follow to no-follow, and make sure all of your reference juice is exactly where it comes from.


 (video credit

The study of page builders is considered to be dodgy.

And that’s because it’s extremely difficult to build your tracking system.

Convertri uses SnowPlow, the premium system used by businesses such as Dollar Shave Club and Bauer Media.


Choose Any Link To Be A Success

Choose any links to count as a conversion on your page just by clicking the switch.

Accurate Reporting

Convertri provides you with exact data, not any random numbers using SnowPlow.

Deep-Level Data

Which is the most effective buy button? You can ask Convertri where the money comes from, at a glance, and how to get more out of that.

Automatic Traffic Splitting

Build a split-test inside Convertri and it will split your traffic between the two variants automatically.

Reset Stats

Using convertri you can reset your campaign, which means there is no need to create an entirely new campaign.


For Creative Entrepreneurs & Freelancers, Offer funnel creation and web design services to clients with sub-accounts

Do you have multiple businesses? Would you like to see all your customers integrate themselves?

Sub-accounts then allow you to offer customers with zero hassle with their funnel development and web design services.

Automatically set them up, and get paid


Sell Pages, Funnels And Websites

Make it easy for clients to provide funnels and web pages. Simply build and send access to the sub-account If you like, also charge a monthly fee.

Give Clients Page-Edit Access

Sub-account holders can edit any page in their account and publish it … But they’ll have to come and see you for a quote if they want to make new pages.

Use Multiple Currencies

sub-account can have its currency, so if you ‘re selling in different territories, you don’t have to pick a ‘ best fit’.

Easily Separate Your Businesses

Have you been more than a venture? Bring them in their accounts and control their whole hustles.

Automatic Account Setup

Only add a client to the sub-account and they will automatically receive an e-mail to set password – without any admin problems for you.

25+ Sub-Accounts

Agency accounts are default with 25 subaccounts, and more can be added at any time.


 (video credit

You probably don’t want to spend time recreating all pages in Convertri if you already have pages live. Use the Convertri page Importer instead and speed them up.


Import Any Page Into The Convertri Editor

Works with LeadPages, Clickfunnels, Optimise Press, HTML and more.

Image Capture And Optimisation

Images are automatically captured edited and attached to your image manager’s separate folder.

Move Whole Funnels Across In Minutes

Even large pages can be imported within seconds, so you just have to tweak them before they are published

Full Convertri Editing

Like any other, imported pages can be edited and changed as you wish.

Full Convertri APT Optimisation

Before publishing, Convertri Accelerated Page Software will optimize your newly imported pages and funnels to make them quicker than they are.



 For most of the year, Convertri base plan sells for $636/year.  But for a few days only, if you purchase via my link you can get in for just $297.

NOTE: This offer will only be available during the launch period.  When the final countdown ends, it will close, and anyone who wants to purchase Convertri will have to do so through the main website, where the cheapest available price is $636/yr.

This offer available in the future for private promotions.

The FE sales page will offer 2 Convertri licences – the ‘main’ $297 offer and a ‘Lite’ licence with drastically reduced limits for $247.

The price of the $247 offer will be raised by $10 every day to allow you to use urgency throughout the launch.


Convertri 2019:  $297 for 12 months Convertri access.  Convertri 2019 comes with our new blazingly fast video player which lets us build the fastest, highest-converting video pages on the web… and we’re even throwing in the Page Importer as a bonus.



Convertri Autowebinars:  $297 one-time. A brand-new add-on module that lets users run their super-fast auto webinars, directly from Convertri.



Triple Limits:  $197 one-time. Get triple the allowance for pages, funnels, traffic and domains.


Convertri Pro:  $37/mo. Access to Pro features including Collections, Form-to-Email, Dynamic Text, Team Members, and access to our new Lightning Video Hosting – letting your videos load in a flash.



Most powerful video page system you have ever seen.

SnowPlow, the premium system for analytics.

Inbuilt page importer.

fastest funnel builder in the world.

Inbuilt shopping cart. 

Page builder comes with N nos: of features.

Software update every Tuesday.

A plugin is available for WordPress.

Free SSL

24*7 support

Fully automated

Newbie Friendly.

Step By Step Guide.

14 days of a free trial.


Doesn’t discovered yet.


So, we are at the end of Convertri 2019 review, 

Convertri claims to be worlds fastest funnel builder and this is true, I highly recommend this software, not only because of the so many inbuilt features but more importantly the way they are keen to make it better every day.

Convertri was first launched 3 years back in 2016 and since then it is updated more than 150 times. which means every week convertri is updated with some new feature, big and small.

Other then this it is very easy to use,  even a beginner can easily start creating pages within few clicks. and if you have any issue, the support staff is always on their toes to help you.

I suggest you should at least take benefit of convertri 15 days of a free trial.

That’s all in Convertri 2019 Review thank you for reading, I hope my Convertri 2019 Review will help you in taking the right decision.

Please leave your valuable feedback in the below comment section.

Happy Buying Cheers!!

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