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For a successful and long term, online business creating a customer base or collecting quality leads is one of the most important and difficult parts.

You have to invest lots of time, knowledge and thousands of dollars to collect a few quality leads.

Yes, there are many tools in the market which can help you in collecting quality leads but for that.

  • First, you have to buy a tool (cost you around min $30 per month)
  • Secondly, you have to run Facebook or Google Ads and guessing someone clicks on the ads and gives you their Email Id.

Sometimes collecting a single quality lead will cost you around $15 to $20. (I have already experienced this).

Collecting leads is a long term business strategy it requires patience and with experience slowly and steadily it grows.

WAIT!! there is another way “PROFILEMATE”

PROFILEMATE is a brand new software of list building with Instagram.

If you use this and don’t get 100+ emails ethically within an hour, I’ll pay you 100 bucks – a big call I know, so get ready for this one.

Here I welcome you to the Profilemate review article, I have tested this tool and trust me, results are amazing. I have the privilege to get the review access for Profilemate.

I used it as a beta tester and in this article, I will share my honest and unbiased opinion about the tool including all its features details, how to use it, why to use this tool, pros and cons, FAQs and finally the conclusion.

Before proceeding further let me give a quick overview of the tool.


It is a brand new cloud-based app which will automatically engage with anyone who likes, comments or shares your competitor’s posts and automatically collects their emails.

  • Profilemate is created by Luke Maguire.
  • Launching on 2020-Sep-30 at 9:00 AM EDT with the front end price of $47-$67
  • The launch will end on 2020-Oct-06 at Mid Night and after that price will be doubled.
  • During the launch, you will get a huge bonus from the creator as well as from our side.
  • It comes with no question asked 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Official website: Click Here

For early bird discount click the button below and for more pricing details continue reading Profilemate Review


There’s no question about it… Instagram is a huge goldmine that no marketer can afford to ignore!

The only problem…

It used to be expensive and time-consuming to analyze all the details on Instagram – user bios, emails, mobile numbers, addresses, and fan counts – to uncover your perfect target audience

Simply!! Profilemate is created to collect leads from Instagram (only Instagram).

It’s a groundbreaking set-and-forget hands-free application that totally automates the social media campaigns, by creating an unlimited stream of leads and customers.

Profilemate will spy into your competitors Instagram account and automatically collects the emails of all the engaged users.

Profilemate is the world’s first and only Instagram analytics and development platform that helps you to get thousands of emails and suggestions from your rival’s followers- legally and ethically!

It will optimise your Instagram marketing by analysing your competitors’ pages and engaging with your target market 24/7 – building relationships and making sales – on autopilot.

It allows you to never miss messages, to always respond instantly, and to automatically follow up and engage with your prospects … even if it’s 3 am and you’re sound asleep!

This is going to be the new gold standard of social media marketing, and the first movers stand to gain an almost unfair advantage.

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We know Instagram is a unique platform it enables users to see who follows (by clicking on the followers of any page) and communicates (through the likes and comments of any post).

But collecting info like emails, phone numbers, engagement score etc from each account manually is quite impossible, especially from the account which has followers like 50k or 100k or 1M+ it will take your whole life.

The idea behind PROFILEMATE is to automatically do the hard work for you and deliver you these results.

Profilemate will:

  1. Allow users for the first time ever find out a lot of information regarding their own audience, competitor audience or any like-minded page – allowing users to drive targeted, engaged leads to any page they like.
  2. Build extremely targeted leads from email lists, phone numbers, addresses using information that users provide if they want to be contacted – i.e. 1 in 10 users give their email address to be contacted.
  3. It also works for Ecom, Local Marketing, affiliate marketing & offline business.
  4. This then leads to the creation of not just searching profiles, but also locations and hashtags, meaning you can build local market analytics and leads as well as hashtag specific niches which are perfect for E com.
  5. PROFILEMATE analyses profiles and builds leads of people who actually want to be contacted, to a tool that can break down the most targeted users following a page, top performers, influencers, pages that need help, profiles dominating in any niche and much more.

Want to learn more about Profilemate, continue reading Profilemate review or click the button below:


Public Email & Number Domination

ProfileMate would allow you to get the details of every rival or like-minded profile, to break down their user base into a single document ready for you to specifically advertise or build a comparable base with the public details, given that no one has ever taken advantage of it.

Competitor Insights Like NEVER Before

Analysis of competitor developments, related accounts, most active customers in each profile, locations & other relevant marketing information in seconds with ProfitMate.

Thousands Of Contactable Users Delivered To YOU Every Single Day

Profilemate can perform while you sleep and allow you to access the most valuable user information, find the winners and immediately convert them to your proposal.

Remove the Guesswork of Insta Marketing

Profilemate helps you to take public data and use it to reach users who Wish to be approached from every fan profile. Using this to email straight, build an eye-catching audience, and skip the old way of wasting money to get emails ethically.

Generate Buyer Traffic In Minutes

ProfileMate Analyzes thousands of profiles every hour and immediately sends you LIVE reports from your chosen audience and then sends you a list of those who are eager, willing and happy to be contacted. It may take years to do this manually.

Personal Account Marketing

Not only does Profilemate allow you to get the correct information about your competition, but it also helps you to track your own warm leads and turn them from a FAN to a Sales faster than ever before.

The Creator

Luke Maguire is the creator of Profilemate. He has effectively introduced countless strategies for social media marketing. Advertsuite, Octosuite, Engagermate, Viral Autobots, Crypto Suite, Social Auto Bot, Inboxr, etc., for instance. All of his methods assisted him to make outstanding income. If his tools are NOT beneficial for people to say in general, they would NOT have helped him.

His brand new tool is Profilemate. It is therefore available as a starting package at a special discounted price of $47. I don’t think it will be accessible at this cost indefinitely. So it’s going to be smart to catch it now by

clicking here.

Now, let’s move on to the next part of PROFILEMATE review to know how it can help you in growing your online business



ProfileMate would allow you to get the details of every rival or like-minded profile, to break down their user base into a single document ready for you to specifically advertise or build a comparable base with the public details, given that no one has ever taken advantage of it.


Profilemate would be the platform that gives your local agency everything that no other agency has the opportunity to show clients the exact audience of their rivals and to encourage you to ethically reach anyone who wants to be approached in seconds.


Target the top media influencers, rivals and pages to break down their most active consumers from their sites, fan number, interaction with other like-minded accounts, and then convert those who want to get in touch with the offer/service again.


Without a question, one of the main features of Profilemate-1 in 10 profiles includes their email details in their bio or as a clickable button asking to be contacted-profilemate will do the scanning for you and send you a complete list of users that you can then hit in seconds. There has never been a system that can get that many emails legally quite easily.



FRONTEND: Click Here

$47 One time

One-time purchase-which allows people the right to check 2-3k people a day-this will send 2-3 thousand followers a day data-in terms of emails (big selling point) this will generate about 50-150 emails a day (1 out of 10 users will be contacted by their email audience on average)-which is significantly improved by the recurrent upselling.

VIP Training OTO 1: Click Here

$67 One time
This training will go DEEP in how to take the information found in profilemate and convert this to sales in the bank. from ecom, to local marketing to affiliate marketing, this training and 10 VIP webinar series will ensure your customers have the most success with profilemate.



This upgrade will allow users to 10x their search results, essentially giving them 10 days of front end search results in a single day. this is the difference between 300 emails a day to 3 thousand. This upgrade also allows users to search for hashtags and location posts.

10 & 50 unbranded agency account key licences OTO 3: Click Here
$197 – $497

This is a no brainer for any agency or local marketers who want to offer Profilemate to their clients as if it’s made by them. This will allow users to create unbranded Profilemate front end licences & add their clients in as if it’s built by them.



Easy to use set and forget software

Collect unlimited leads

100% legal and ethical

Get highly targeted buyers lead

Reasonable price

30 days money-back guarantee


Focus only on Instagram, it should include other social media platforms also.


We know Instagram is a gold mine, Profilemate is a brand new software which gives you the opportunity to build your authority on Instagram in any niche.

Profilemate is fully automatic, set and forget it will work for you 24/7.

I highly recommend this tool and trust me you will not regret because of the opportunities it provides you to grow your business to the next level.

Also, it comes with no question asked 30 days money-back guarantee, so if you will not get the desired results in 30 days then you can claim for a refund.

That’s all from my side in this PROFILEMATE review article

Happy Buying Cheers!!


Front End- $47

Newbie Friendly













  • Easy to use set and forget software
  • Collect unlimited leads
  • 100% legal and ethical
  • Get highly targeted buyers lead
  • Reasonable price
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Only For Instagram


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